613 (5 sheets)

Model No. - 613

Tailor made for thematic or specialized collections. Writing-up or illustrating is made simple Rearranging your collection made easy Different types of pages available
Comes with cream undersheet (black or grey available)

As you know thematic collecting can involve having to display stamps, covers, slogan cancels, postcards, booklet panes, ephemera, etc. With the Safe Dual Blanko pages, your stamps covers etc., are held securely and safely in the plastic page, which rests directly on top of the cream paper page.
As both the plastic page and cream page are quite separate, it is easier for writing and illustrating by hand, or even by computer or typewriter. You can also alter the background page colour. All our pages and albums use the highest quality materials, and do not contain any substances which will damage your valuable collection.


Each $ 3.00
Per 5 $13.90

Price: $13.90