Signoscope T2 (portable)

Model No. - 9875

How can a SIGNOSCOPE help me?
The ever popular SAFE SIGNOSCOPES are the most effective and verstile watermark detectors. Why are they so popular? How many hours have you spent trying to sort stamps like GB postage dues, Wildings, Commonwealth QE2 issues with the difficult Crown CA spirals etc? Just a glance in the stamp catalogues and you will begin to appreciate all the different watermark varieties to be found, the specialized catalogues list even more! Some of these varieties are catalogued very high indeed eg, the GB Castle high values with inverted watermark. The SAFE SIGNOSCOPE will quickly and cleanly identify all these varieties and could pay for itself with just one find in your collection or stock. Why let other people find these varieties, when you could be finding them yourself with your own SAFE SIGNOSCOPE.

Is the SIGNOSCOPE easy to use?
The SAFE SIGNOSCOPES are simple to use. Just place your stamp under the precision ground optical block and inset this into the SIGNOSCOPE. Then put this block under pressure using the signoscopes lever (Thumbscrew on the T2 model) and switch on the illumination. The watermark will be revealed just like the photographs shown below. This leaves you all the time you need to study the watermark and referring to reference books if needed. No waiting for your stamp to dry! Simply take it out of the SIGNOSCOPE and place it straight into your collection in the secure knowledge that it is the correct type.


Signoscope T2
The portable model

Signoscope T2
No. 9875 $ 209.95
AC Adapter
No. 9887 $ 24.95
Replacement bulb 2.5 v 300ma
No: 9892 $ 4.50

Price: $209.95