Dear collector,

"Safe Collection Systems" allows you, the user, every possible option to create your own type of album to your own special requirements. Most other systems offer a variety of different page sizes and so do we, but the backbone of our range is built around our 14 ring binders.

Why 14 Ring?

Over 25 years ago, after extensive research, we launched our systems in 16 world markets based around 14 rings because:
a) Multi-rings ensure your pages always lie flat, no matter whether the binder is open
at the front, middle or back.
b) 14 rings were the perfect number to look good and give perfect ease of use.

Wide Variety of Pages? Certainly!

With "Safe Collection Systems" you can build your collection using a vast range of different page types "TO CREATE ALBUMS THE WAY YOU WANT TO". Yes, you can mix numerous pages together from different PAGE GROUPS, because the page size is identical from page to page (11 3/4 x 10 5/8). Very often, collectors want to start with a general album and with the Safe System you can, if you wish, store individual stamps, FDC's, booklets, sheets etc. However, over a period, as your collection develops, your one general album will expand so you need a further binder and it is at this time that you will begin to separate your collection into albums for the individual subjects, e.g. FDC's, booklets, themes etc. Also in this brochure this time we have added albums for storing collections into the 21st century! Albums for CD,s Computer discs, Collector cards etc.

Albums & Colour Identification

These separate subjects can be identified by choosing a different binder colour for each one. Alternatively, if for example, you collect GB, FDC's, Booklets, Presentation Packs and stamps, you could choose the same binder colours, but utilize our self-adhesive name and Number system.

Understanding Various Page Groups

Collectibles like stamps, coins, FDC's, postal history, postcards, banknotes and telephone cards are very delicate items, keeping them in orderly, yet protected manner can be difficult, but Safe's various Page Groups can do this efficiently. Collectors demand safety and protection at all times combined with unrestricted viewing and ease of handling. It is extremely difficult to be able to put across all the Page Groups so that you fully understand what you are seeing in this brochure.

*All prices are in Canadian Dollars!