About us

Dear Collector,

SAFE® is the world's leading manufacturer of collection systems and examining equipment. Founded in 1953 with its headquarters in Germany, SAFE® is represented around the globe.

Valuables need to be protected and secured. Treasures are kept in vaults or environment protected cases. Collectibles such as stamps, coin, banknotes, covers, postcards, photographs, autographs can be very valuable. The discriminating collector knows this and looks for appropriate remedies.

SAFE® collecting systems are the most researched, modern and unique on the worldwide market! Serious collectors demand quality, security and protection for their valuables. All if this is provided by SAFE® collecting systems

We invite you to look over our latest catalog and our website to find the best solution to fit your needs.

Due to the exchange rate, some of our prices have changed.

New this year are a serious of photo albums to protects your valuable family photographs. All pages consist of the same archival materials. We sincerely invite your comments and questions.

For years collectors like you have been searching for the perfect collecting system. They finally discovered SAFE®... Now you can too!

sincerely yours,

Josef and Brigitte Quast,
Exclusive Importer and Distributor
Safe Coin & Stamp Supplies